Meet Jonathan Demcak

Droplet Irrigation carries Eurodrip USA, Inc. products, which is the premiere provider of drip irrigation tape, tubing, and related accessories. You can count on it's products to increase crop yields and reduce costs through efficient delivery of water, chemicals and nutrients. Eurodrip USA, Inc. is committed to providing only the highest quality and most reliable drip products that represent the industry's best value. There are two words that set T-L Irrigation apart from other manufacturers of pivot irrigation equipment: "We're farmers." Ingenious design, excellent engineering, quality manufacturing, and quick, thorough service and support also differentiate this company. To be sure, each of these has contributed to the company's success. They're the reasons T-L is one of just a handful of centerpivot manufacturing companies that survived of the 50 or so that started up in the late 1960s. Innovative new products have been an important part of the growth history of Olson Irrigation Systems. Droplet Irrigation carries a complete line of drip and micro-spray products which include Vibra-Clean® Emitters, EH-12® Heads, Ultra-Jets®, O-Jets® and mini-sprinklers. Specialty fittings include E-Z Ell® flexible swing joints and TSR-1 expanding sprinkler risers.


Jonathan Demcak